How to Brew Oolong Tea

Brewing Tips
So good to see you! Sit down, we're just about to make some tea.
Oolong teas often take a slight bit of additional care when brewing to ensure their gentler flavors aren’t left by the wayside due to too hot (or long) of a steep. Let's try!
  1. Bring sixteen ounces of water to 190 °F, or just below boiling.

  2. Measure two teaspoons of loose tea into a tea bag, teapot, or infuser, and set it aside.

  3. Once your water has heated, immerse your tea leaves in water and steep them for roughly one minute, adjusting to taste.

    1. A slightly (~30 seconds) longer steep won’t burn your tea, though exercise caution when steeping beyond one and a half minutes.

  4. Discard your used tea leaves, add any sweeteners you'd like, and enjoy!