Portal Tea of the Week — Find a New Favorite

Portal Tea of the Week — Find a New Favorite

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We've run our Tea of the Week (TOTW) program for years, allowing customers to try different drinks, discover new favorite blends to bring home, and branch out a touch in the safety of our tea shops. While this alone is a great (and quite fun) tradition, we figured it was time for a slight update to the deal.

Previously, customers could get a 40% discount on drinks in our tea shops using the featured blend. While not everyone can come to our shops in-person, online customers are still a part of the Portal family nonetheless. That brings us to our update — the Portal Tea of the Week (linked above) page updates every Monday with our new featured blend.  

This blend retains that usual in-store 40% discount on drinks while also allowing our friends that visit online a 10% discount on the featured Portal Tea of the Week. The 10% discount also applies to bulk and tinned loose teas in-store, too!

Now, whether you're right here with us in the gorgeous PNW or in your own slice of paradise far away, you can enjoy the Portal Tea of the Week with the rest of the PTC family.

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