Ancient Puer

Ancient Puer

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2 oz - Tea #84

Ancient Puer No. 84 is an incredibly complex tea for those who want something special and entirely unique. It boasts a deep, earthy flavor base with funky notes of wet earth and seaweed, thanks to the fermentation process that makes Puer teas so unique.

 The flavor of Ancient Puer No. 84 is a puzzle at first; the immediately recognizable flavor of many familiar black teas is quickly complicated with a savory slew of new aromas and tasting notes. Perhaps more surprising, though, is its texture; a slightly thick, buttery mouthfeel provides a tea-drinking experience unlike most others.

Ancient Puer No. 84 is best enjoyed hot alongside savory meals, where its earthy, complex flavor profile and buttery mouthfeel can complement a suite of umami-filled ingredients.

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Portal tea ancient puer number 84.

Tasting Notes

The funky flavor of petrichor and ocean air creates a powerhouse of umami flavor that's wrapped in the form of malty black tea.

Burnt sugar

Ocean air

Wet earth

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