Be Swell Blend

Be Swell Blend

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2 oz - Organic - Tea #60

Be Swell Blend No. 60 is an incredibly rich and complex medicinal blend of rooibos, spices, roots, and tree bark with miraculous effects. it uses rich South African rooibos, cardamom, and clove to form a tasty base, bolstering it with licorice root, slippery elm, and cherry bark. The result is an incredibly aromatic, earthy brew that eases sore throats and stuffy sinuses alike.


Its caffeine-free nature and soothing ingredients make Be Swell Blend No. 60 the perfect tea for insomnia-wracked nights, sick days, and cozy evenings spent relaxing. 


Hint: You don't need to feel icky to enjoy this blend — it's okay to just want a tasty spiced rooibos.

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Portal tea be swell blend number 60.

Tasting Notes

This is something in between a classic chai, rooibos, and apothecary blend; notes of licorice, cinnamon, and cherry each take their moment to shine.




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