Sweet Chamomile Mint

Sweet Chamomile Mint

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Gift Tin .6oz - Organic - Tea #61

Organic | Non-Caffeinated

Sweet Chamomile Mint No. 61 is one of our most relaxing teas ever; it’s a combination of naturally sweet stevia; gentle, floral chamomile; and fresh, local peppermint with just the perfect touch of menthol kick.  

This blend is entirely caffeine-free, all-organic, and offers an incredibly relaxing, mind-settling effect that feels safe. Sweet Chamomile Mint No. 61 is the feeling of being wrapped cozily in a blanket concentrated into a warming mug of tea — and it is delicious 

Iced or hot, Sweet Chamomile Mint No. 61 is an incredibly easy-to-drink tea with natural sweetness (thanks, stevia!) that perfectly balances its wildly delicate, floral flavor profiles.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Peppermint, Stevia Leaf

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Tasting Notes

The delicate floral nature of chamomile gets a glow-up with punchy peppermint and sweet stevia in Sweet Chamomile Mint.




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