Coconut Cacao Guayusa

Coconut Cacao Guayusa

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2 oz - Tea #120

Coconut Cacao Guayusa No. 120 is one of our newest forays into global herbal blends. This particular concoction combines guayusa leaves (#100) with a healthy heap of tropical coconut and rich, semi-sweet cacao nibs.

While guayusa may be unfamiliar to some, it’s often compared to maté; an apt comparison, as they’re related! The primary flavor difference between the two lies in guayusa’s slightly more bitter, less grassy profile. Some may find that description off-putting, but we have a secret — that’s what the coconut and cacao are for! 

The hefty hit of caffeine, in tandem with this blend’s chocolatey coconut overtones make it an excellent start to busy days. (Pro tip: hit it with a bit of local honey or agave nectar over ice. You can thank us later!)

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Tasting Notes

The silky, tropical flavor of coconut merges with this tea's natural grassy, light flavor into a delightfully refreshing drink with notes of bittersweet cacao and cherry.


Dark chocolate


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