Black Dragon Pearls

Black Dragon Pearls

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Caffeinated | 1.63 oz Tin

Black Dragon Pearls No. 89 is a delicious black tea with an incredibly entertaining form factor. Made from the highest-quality Yunnan golden tea tips, this tea is pressed into tight pearls. As you brew the tea, the Black Dragon Pearls (#89) slowly unfurl and expand, allowing you to watch as true natural art unfolds. 

Black Dragon Pearls No. 89 is a rich black tea with a surprising natural sweetness thanks to the top-tier golden tips employed in its creation. Notes of cocoa and a floral, honey-like sweetness make this an incredibly easy-drinking, entertaining tea for just about everyone.

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Tasting Notes

Cocoa, honeyed floral undertones, and caramel-like malted sweetness define this rare black tea.


Milk chocolate


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