Blue People Oolong

Blue People Oolong

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Caffeinated | 2.14 oz Tin

Blue People Oolong No. 116 is an incredibly unique tea with an equally distinctive appearance and flavor. This Taiwanese high-mountain jade oolong tea gains the moniker “blue people” due to its unique preparation process. 

By tightly pressing oolong tea into pellets, which are then rolled in a blend of ginseng and stevia powders, the tea takes on a blue pebble-like look. The addition of ginseng provides an almost mint-like “tingle” while drinking (along with a touch of energy), while stevia lends energy. 

Beyond the obvious novelty of Blue People Oolong No. 116, its main value comes from the tea’s ability to be rebrewed up to three times. While this alone is excellent because you get more tea from the same leaves, its taste evolves with each steep — something which is a wonder to experience.

We highly recommend trying Blue People Oolong No. 116 plain before adding sweetener, as the addition of stevia tends to provide the perfect balance in flavor for most people.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Ginseng, Stevia Leaf

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Tasting Notes

The sweetness of stevia and mint-like flavor of ginseng lingers aromatically in this subdued but energizing oolong.

Burnt sugar



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