Chrysanthemum Tuo Cha

Chrysanthemum Tuo Cha

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Caffeinated | 1.63 oz Tin

Chrysanthemum Tuo Cha No. 90 is an addictingly flavorful, complex puer tea. It combines the light, floral flavor of chrysanthemum petals with the rich, earthy profile that’s earned puer teas their reputation.

The flavor profile and mouthfeel of Chrysanthemum Tuo Cha No. 90 are quite different from a “normal” black or green tea in several ways. The lightly floral aftertaste of chrysanthemum brings out the umami-rich complexity of this savory tea. Meanwhile, notes of seaweed, wet earth, and a malted earthiness balance out with a buttery, broth-like mouthfeel to form something truly unique.

While Chrysanthemum Tuo Cha No. 90 is excellent on its own, the savory, slightly floral notes of the tea genuinely shine with a touch of honey and cream, oat milk, or your own preferred non-dairy alternative.

Ingredients: Chinese Puer Tea, Chrysanthemum

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Tasting Notes

A hint of oceanic funk and floral chrysanthemum adds a bit of savory character to this otherwise nutty, buttery puer tea.




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