Hiker's Blend

Hiker's Blend

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Organic | Non-Caffeinated | 1.95 oz Tin

Hiker's Blend No. 98 is one of our more interesting herbal brews. It’s a spiced, citrusy blend of licorice root, cinnamon, ginger, pleurisy root, elecampane, white oak bar, fennel, and orange peel, whose complex flavor profile pairs perfectly with crisp PNW hikes.

While you can undoubtedly enjoy Hiker’s Blend No. 98 for its rewarding taste, it’s crafted to enhance outdoor activities by clearing your sinuses, easing joint inflammation, and ensuring you can take in all that nature offers. Pair it with agave nectar and ice for scorching summer outings or with honey on frigid autumnal mornings.

Ingredients: Elecampane, Ginger Root, Pleurisy, Licorice Root, White Oak Bark, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Fennel

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Tasting Notes

Hiker's Blend is a unique combination of spicy cinnamon and ginger, savory fennel, aromatic licorice, and a subdued woody flavor that's simply impossible to recreate.


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