Kava Root

Kava Root

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Non-caffeinated | 1.63 oz Tin

Unlike many of the teas on our menu, Kava No. 65’s largest selling point isn’t its flavor — rather, it’s the tea’s effects. 

Frankly, Kava No. 65 has a generally unremarkable taste, with an extremely earthy, woody base flavor that’s underpinned by a somewhat subdued bitterness. While this may not make you jump to try it, the tea’s taste isn’t why people love it; rather, it’s the relaxing effect that the beverage imbues. (More on that here. 

Consuming Kava is generally a rather straightforward one, consisting of a quick, simple preparation of relatively small servings. This can lead to a far more communal experience than a simple afternoon tea — part of why we recommend brewing a pot of Kava No. 65 with a few close friends on a quiet afternoon.

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    Tasting Notes

    The woody, slightly bitter taste of Kava makes for an excellent addition to a chai latte — just sayin'.


    Wet earth


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