Rose Peony

Rose Peony

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Mostly Organic | Caffeinated | 1.6 oz Tin

Rose Peony No. 66 is a delightfully light and refreshing white tea with the perfect degree of floral sweetness. It combines delicate white peony tea with the lightly sweet, fruity flavor notes of rose petals, resulting in an incredibly easy-drinking tea.  

It pairs perfectly with honey due to its striking floral flavor base, helping to mute the more herbaceous, green tea-like notes of the white peony base — though it’s genuinely delightful on its own, too. Try Rose Peony No. 66 iced for a lovely take on your favorite easy-sipping partner in crime.

Ingredients: White Tea, Red Rose Petals, Jasmine Blossom

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Tasting Notes

The honeyed, floral sweetness of Rose Peony mingles with the unmistakable flavor of rose to form a strikingly refreshing, fruity white tea blend.




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