Forager Chai Concentrate - 64 oz

Forager Chai Concentrate - 64 oz

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Mostly Organic | Caffeinated

Forager Chai Concentrate is like trekking through a forest; it just makes you feel good. It contains 5 varieties of functional mushrooms steeped perfectly together with classic chai ingredients. 

A touch of umami more akin to chocolate than mushroom. The Assam tea energizes and your body and mind will thank you for drinking Forager Chai. 

Milligrams per serving

Lions Mane - 82 mgs

Cordyceps - 62 mgs

Maitake - 82 mgs

Reishi - 82 mgs

Chaga - 42 mgs

Instructions: Simply combine equal parts (6-8 ounces each is a great start) concentrate and milk (or your favorite non-dairy alternative), heat up (or shake over ice) and enjoy!

Our newest chai concentrate, Forager Chai, is a richly spiced mushroom chai. Coconut Chai Concentrate brings a touch of tropical love to the mix & check out West Coast Chai Concentrate for the classic PTC chai experience.

INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, cane sugar, brown sugar, assam tea*, cassia cinnamon*, ginger root*, cardamom, black pepper*, clove*, licorice root*, dandelion root*, lions mane*, maitake*, reishi*, nutmeg, cordyceps*, star anise, chaga* and citric acid.  *Organic

Pro tip: delicious steaming hot or poured over ice!!


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Tasting Notes

Grab Coconut Chai Concentrate for a tropical, rooibos-infused take on your favorite pick-me-up.




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