Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong

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Gift Tin 1.18 oz - Organic - Tea #3

Organic | Caffeinated

Lapsang Souchong No. 3 is a truly special Chinese black tea. This is due to its curing process in which pine needles are smoked, offering an intoxicating scent of smoke and pine. The flavor is unlike any other black tea you’ll find, as it’s made with incredibly high-quality tea that provides an unexpected sweetness at the tail end of drinking.

Notes of smoky pine, sweet citrus, and spicy pepper linger in the background, while the natural earthiness of its black tea base provides a perfect counterbalance. This tea is not for the faint of heart, immediately conjuring scenes of early morning campsites as the campfire smoke wafts through the boughs above. 

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Ingredients: Pine Smoked Chinese Black Tea

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Tasting Notes

The combination of rich pinewood smoke and top-tier, slightly sweet black tea makes Lapsang Souchong Imperial a delight to the sense.




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