Lychee Black

Lychee Black

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Gift Tin 1.15 oz - Organic - Tea #22


Lychee Black No. 22 is a unique tea in that it takes the often overwhelmingly robust flavor of black tea and complements it with the gentle flavor of the Chinese lychee fruit. While floral, fruity notes are certainly present, this is not a “fruited” tea in flavor. The aroma is reminiscent of a traditional black breakfast tea, though it’s complemented by the sweet, slightly tart citrus-like notes of lychee.

This tea is an excellent option for iced tea blends as it pairs quite well with other black and fruited teas. The light, grapefruit-like flavor of lychee perfectly complements an iced, honeyed glass of tea - though it’s excellent when enjoyed hot, as well.

Ultimately, Lychee Black No. 22 is hard to pin down - it’s not fruity, per se, though the powerful notes of black tea are masked and tweaked ever so slightly to create something genuinely unique.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Natural Lychee Flavor

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Tasting Notes

For the unfamiliar, the grapefruit-like flavor of lychee makes for a delightful addition to many rich teas — this was just our first.




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