Velvet 'Milk' Oolong

Velvet 'Milk' Oolong

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Gift Tin 2.1 oz - Tea #107


Velvet Oolong No. 107 is one of our most beloved milk oolong teas, having earned itself first place in Oregon’s inaugural State Tea Competition! 

Milk oolongs are named as such for their buttery mouthfeel and creamy, slightly nutty flavor profile. Velvet Oolong No. 107 is no exception, offering a silky texture and a vaguely roasted undertone that brings a touch of character to its deliciously nutty, sweet, and floral flavor profile.

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Tasting Notes

A heavily nutty flavor similar to browned butter gives Velvet Oolong its signature flavor and texture, lengthened by a slightly roasted undertone.




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