Chamomile Classic

Chamomile Classic

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2 oz - Organic - Tea #59

Chamomile Classic No. 59 is exactly what the name implies — a classic. It’s a simple chamomile tea that offers an incredibly relaxing, floral flavor profile with a honey-like sweetness that’s simply too good to pass up.

Be honest — you know what chamomile tea is; it’s the tea that mom used to give on cold, rainy days when you just couldn’t sleep. Chamomile is the tea of comfortable, lazy days curled up with a book and the dog (or cat, or hamster, or whatever suits your fancy). Chamomile Classic No. 59 is, put simply, comfort in a cup.

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Portal tea chamomile classic number 59.

Tasting Notes

Notes of honeyed, floral sweetness mark the signature flavor of Chamomile Classic.



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