Coconut Mate

Coconut Mate

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2 oz - Organic - Tea #87

Coconut Mate No. 87 is a tea that needs no sweetener nor modification. It’s a naturally sweet blend of light, grassy Yerba Mate (#44), tropical coconut nectar, and flecks of delicious coconut. The scent and flavor are both incredibly straightforward, offering notes of honey-like sweetness and an easy-sipping, tropical coconut nuttiness that’s utterly delectable. 

 As if the taste weren’t enough, Coconut Mate No. 87 makes for (arguably) the perfect iced tea; it’s light, delicious with (or without) honey or sugar, and contains a startlingly high amount of caffeine per cup. In short, it’s perfect for winter, fall, spring, and summer; or, in our eyes, just plain perfect.

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Portal tea coconut mate number 87.

Tasting Notes

Silky coconut smooths the edges of our Yerba Mate blend to create an easy-drinking companion to the day.

Fresh grass



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