Northwest Breakfast

Northwest Breakfast

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2 oz - Organic - Tea #1

Northwest Breakfast No. 1 is the first blend to grace our menu; it’s simple, elegant, and everything you’d expect. The malted, earthy flavors of a classic cuppa English breakfast intermingle with the gentle sweetness and robust flavor profile of our Assam and Ceylon black teas to create an eye-opening breakfast blend.

This brew is excellent any way you prepare it: iced and sweet, hot and as-is, or any other combination you can imagine; the delicious caramel-like, nutty notes of NW English Breakfast No. 1 make it a brew to cherish.

Northwest Breakfast No. 1 appears as a deep burgundy with a slightly muddy brown tinge. The leaves are a rich, deep black, with flecks of brown. Upon brewing the scent is simply intoxicating; notes of caramel, rich tobacco, and a nutty, earthy finish make it the perfect choice for any time of day (though it is a killer breakfast blend).

Northwest Breakfast No. 1 is a highly caffeinated blend of black teas with roughly 35 mg of caffeine per serving.

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Portal tea northwest breakfast number 1.

Tasting Notes

Hot or iced, this is a classic cuppa English Breakfast in the best sense of the term — smooth, malty, and eye-opening, this tea will get you wherever you need.




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