Raspberry Lemon Mate

Raspberry Lemon Mate

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Gift Tin 1.1oz - Organic - Tea #46

Organic | Caffeinated

Raspberry Lemon Mate No. 46 is a light take on our classic Yerba Mate (#44). It combines the earthy, grassy flavors of classic yerba mate with a refreshing combination of lemongrass, raspberries, and lemon. 

This results in a tea that was tailor-made to be iced down, sweetened, and enjoyed on the hottest of summer days. While it’s truly excellent on its own, offering notes of raspberry, lemon, a slightly hay-like grassiness (and a hefty dose of caffeine), it’s at its best when sweetened up a touch.

Mate lovers, beware - Raspberry Lemon Mate No. 46 will steal your heart in no time.

Ingredients: Yerba Mate, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, Orange Peel, Hibiscus

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Tasting Notes

A hint of tart lemon and raspberry livens up this grassy, refreshing yerba mate blend.




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