Peppermint Mate

Peppermint Mate

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Gift Tin .89oz - Organic - Tea #67

Organic | Caffeinated

Peppermint Mate No. 67 is a refreshingly minty take on our classic Yerba Mate (#44) blend. It takes the earthy, slightly herbaceous flavor profile of the highly caffeinated mate and adds a hefty helping of pacific northwest grown peppermint to ensure a crisp, refreshing flavor. 

While Peppermint Mate No. 67 is excellent when made traditionally using a gourd and bombilla, it truly shines when iced. The fresh menthol notes of peppermint elevate the otherwise earthy, slightly grassy notes of Yerba Mate, ensuring a perfectly balanced, easy-drinking iced tea (especially when paired with honey — just trust us here).

Ingredients: Yerba Mate, Peppermint

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Tasting Notes

The refreshing, grassy flavor of Yerba Mate meets powerful peppermint for a light, easy take on an already great energizer.

Fresh grass



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