Roasted Mate

Roasted Mate

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Gift Tin 1.1 oz - Organic - Tea #45

Organic | Caffeinated

Roasted Mate No. 45 is for the coffee lovers, the black tea aficionados, and for those who love their morning pick-me-up a touch darker.  

It’s (perhaps somewhat obviously) a roasted take on our classic Yerba Mate (#44) that comes out darker, more robust, and a bit more like coffee in terms of its depths of flavor. Notes of malt and roasted oak are immediately apparent, with the usual grassy earthiness of Yerba Mate still there — just complimented and dipped in smoky complexity.

 It smells slightly smoky, with notes of dry earth and a faint grassiness that’s offset by notes of malty savoriness. The smoky (very slight) bitterness of Roasted Mate No. 45 is perfectly balanced with a touch of oat milk and honey, with sugar, or enjoyed on its own for those who prefer the simple things in life.

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Burnt sugar



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