Osmanthus Oolong

Osmanthus Oolong

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2 oz - Tea #27

Osmanthus Oolong No. 27 is a marriage of two plants in a tea that combines the best of each. Oolong’s nutty aroma and woody, malty flavor notes pair perfectly with the light, floral flavor and honeyed sweetness of osmanthus flowers (Osmanthus fragrans).

This tea is perfect both hot and iced; while the toasty notes of the oolong are often lost in iced drinks, the floral sweetness of the blend pairs perfectly with boba (or your favorite cream substitute). On chillier days, a toasty mug of Osmanthus Oolong is a much-needed (gentle) reminder that spring is around the corner.

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Portal tea osmanthus oolong number 27.

Tasting Notes

Osmanthus Oolong is a year-round tea; it's robust and full of character when hot, and delicate, floral, and forever sippable when iced.




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