Rose Petal Black

Rose Petal Black

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Gift Tin 1.4oz - Tea #70


Rose Petal Black No. 70 is an incredibly easy-drinking Chinese black tea that’s bolstered with lychee fruit and rose petals. The result is a slightly earthy base flavor that’s complemented with a natural fruity sweetness and slightly tart, floral aftertaste. 

While Rose Petal Black No. 70 is an excellent classic black tea, it truly shines as an iced tea. The combination of natural sweetness, malted earthiness, and deliciously delicate rose petals combines into a perfectly refreshing tea for hot evenings and busy mornings alike. Click here for brewing tips.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Red Rose Petals

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Tasting Notes

The malted, rich character of this black tea is mellowed by tart lychee and delicate rose petals.




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