Sencha Fukamushi

Sencha Fukamushi

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2 oz - Tea #105

Sencha Fukamushi No. 105 is a deep-steamed style of Sencha green tea that’s rarely seen outside of Japan. Its flavor profile combines seaweed-like marine savoriness and an earthy, mild sweetness — without the occasionally astringent grassiness that’s so commonly associated with green teas. 

This tea has been compared to the experience of walking through a Japanese forest after a fresh rain. Perhaps that’s why Sencha Fukamushi No. 105 won first place in Oregon’s First State Tea Competition — but there’s really only one way to truly know.

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Portal tea sencha fukamushi number 105.

Tasting Notes

Marine savoriness and the gentle funk of petrichor define Sencha Fukamushi while its mild sweetness gives provides a touch of balance.



Wet earth

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