Silver Needles Yinzhen

Silver Needles Yinzhen

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2 oz - Organic - Tea #68

Silver Needles Yinzhen No. 68 is an incredibly delicate, floral white tea that is actually quite rare! It uses only the freshest, individual tea plant flower buds, producing a natural honey-like sweetness that’s counterbalanced by a gentle, lightly grassy green tea-like flavor profile. 

Silver Needles Yinzhen No. 68's mouthfeel is slightly buttery, providing a more unctuous feel with each sip. While Silver Needles Yinzhen No. 68 is delicious when prepared traditionally (plain and hot), it truly shines when iced; this tea's gentle, floral flavor profile and natural sweetness make it perfect for iced teas. 

Ultimately, Silver Needles Yinzhen No. 68 is an incredibly accessible, forever-drinkable white tea that’s sure to have you coming back for more.

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Portal tea silver needles yinzhen number 68.

Tasting Notes

This gentle blend pairs delicate floral sweetness with a slightly buttery mouthfeel and almost fruity finish for a wonderful afternoon delight.




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