Sleep Blend

Sleep Blend

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2 oz - Organic - Tea #93

Sleep Blend No. 93 is the next in our line of apothecary and herbal teas. While its goal may remain simple (encouraging top-tier naps), its taste is genuinely heavenly. 

It blends calming chamomile with lemon balm, passion flower, lavender, skullcap, and hops flowers to form a simultaneously floral, herbaceous, and mildly bitter, earthy flavor profile. While you can certainly enjoy Sleep Blend No. 93 plain, a touch of local honey or agave nectar brings out the best in this tea.

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    Portal tea sleep blend number 93.

    Tasting Notes

    A unique combination of earthy bitterness and floral, herbaceous complexity makes Sleep Blend a winner.

    Hops flower



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