Vanilla Peach Apricot

Vanilla Peach Apricot

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Gift Tin 1.47 oz - Tea #12


Vanilla Peach Apricot No. 12 is a purposefully uncomplicated tea - but that’s not to say it’s simple. The flavor profile of Vanilla Peach Apricot No. 12 is pretty easy to guess; notes of vanilla, apricot, and peach intermingle with rich, earthy black tea to create an experience that’s simultaneously no-frills and luxurious.

Notes of rich tobacco, smoky oak, and malted tannins intermingle with the gentle scent of dried apricot and peach, finishing with silky vanilla. This brew provides a hefty boost to body and mind, making it an excellent breakfast brew - though it’s enjoyed equally as well during moody evenings next to the fire.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Calendula, Peach, Apricot, Vanilla Bean, Natural Flavors

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Tasting Notes

Notes of tobacco and toasted oak form the basis for this silken, fruity flavored tea.




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