Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry

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What’s better than a delicious, slightly acidic, semi-sweet fruited tea? Very little, of course!  

One of our most popular fruited herbal teas, Wild Strawberry No. 56, knows this, making use of dried apples, wild PNW strawberries, rose hips, hibiscus, orange, and tangerine to create a gentle, citrusy, and slightly tart blend that’s incredibly accessible and perfect when iced. 

Gentle notes of tangerine and orange offer a zesty, citrusy tartness that’s complemented by the slight sweetness of the apples and strawberries. As you sip, you’ll notice a slight evolution of flavor; a minor bitterness develops into semi-sweet floral aftertones that are complex, yes, but accessible enough for even the most mild of tea drinkers.

Whether you want a tasty, non-caffeinated nightcap, or a wonderful summer refresher, Wild Strawberry No. 56 is perfect for all occasions. It truly shines, though, when cooled off and paired with a touch of local honey (though we won’t judge if you drink it plain — it really is that good).

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rose Hips, Apple, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Strawberry & Raspberry Leaves

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Tasting Notes

This fruited herbal tea leans heavily on the sweetness of berries, the tart floral nature of hibiscus, and the subdued sweetness of apples to form a wonderful all-day sipper.




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