Pear & Green Tea

Pear & Green Tea

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Organic | Caffeinated | 5.5 oz Tin

Traditional sencha green tea leaves and small bits of dehydrated pear intermingle in this blend, delivering a flavor unlike most green teas to grace your lips. What begins as a familiarly grassy, herbal green tea evolves over time. 

What was once an herbal brew will become a fruity, woody cup of joy incarnate. When paired with honey, the pear’s natural gentle sweetness and slightly tart, crisp flavors shine - though this tea does quite well on its own.

Learn how to brew green tea here.

Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea, Pear, Natural Pear Flavor

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Tasting Notes

Pear and Green Tea allows you to taste the flavors evolve before you; from a slightly grassy, oaken green tea comes a delightfully tart hint of pear.


Fresh grass


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