Green Tea

Brewing Tips
There are few things better than a refreshing cup of green tea — one sip and you'll see.

Heat sixteen ounces of water to 170-175 °F. While you wait for your water to heat, measure one tablespoon of loose tea into a teapot, tea bag, or infuser. Once your water has heated, pour it over your tea leaves, allowing it to steep for 1-2 minutes, adjusting to your taste.

Note that steep lengths with tea are, by and large, personal preference — however, many green teas tend to develop slightly astringent flavors if steeped for too long or at too hot of a temperature.

Once your tea is simply perfect, discard the used leaves. Add any sweeteners you'd like — we tend to prefer agave nectar or local honey with green tea — and enjoy! 

A couple notes: our strong green teas (like Sencha Fukamushi #105 or Gyokuro #23) benefit from a quick cold rinse of the tea leaves before steeping to ensure a less bitter brew. As with our oolongs, some green teas (we love Strawberry Sench #24 and Dragon Pearl Jasmine #75 in particular) make a beautiful cup of tea with 2 or 3 steepings of the same leaves. Simply start your first steeping at 30-45 seconds and increase by 30 seconds for each following brew.