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Gift Tin 1.82 oz - Tea #23

Gyokuro No. 23 is one of our highest-quality Japanese teas. It’s an incredibly unique sencha tea with savory undertones and a sweet, light finish. It tastes somewhat grassy, with hints of umami seaweed.

Over time, the flavor evolves, offering a slightly nutty and surprisingly sweet end note that simply begs for another sip. While Gyokuro (#23) is perfect on its own, a touch of honey over ice makes this an excellent all-year drink to expand your mind and nourish your body.

Learn how to brew green tea here.

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Tasting Notes

Gyokuro is a Sencha green tea for those that want to become the tea connoisseur we know you can become; it's complicated, but rewards those that expand the effort.

Fresh grass



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