Kukicha Twig

Kukicha Twig

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Gift Tin 1.66 oz - Organic - Tea #83


Kukicha Twig No. 83 is an interesting take on Sencha green tea. As its name may imply, this blend uses the stems and twigs of the tea plant that are separated during the refining process. While this may sound, well, odd, it provides a savory, slightly sweet take on your favorite green tea. 

The stems provide an earthy, slightly woody flavor that’s underpinned by a vegetal sweetness akin to snap peas. Pair Kukicha Twig No. 83 with savory meals — fish, seaweed, and other umami-rich foods make for the perfect mate. If drinking #83 as an afternoon or evening treat, try adding a hint of your favorite local honey to bring out the tea’s natural sweetness. 

Learn how to brew green tea here.

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Tasting Notes

This savory Sencha eschews the style's normal flavors for a woody, slightly sweet, flavor-packed brew.




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