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Gift Tin .86 oz - Organic - #31

Organic | Caffeinated

Hojicha No. 31 is a unique green tea with far more savory notes than many of its brethren. This comes from a unique roasting process (more on that here) that lends slightly smoky, charred notes to the slightly nutty flavor profile of the base green tea. Often likened to coffee in flavor, this brew makes for an excellent accompaniment to a hearty dinner with rich, umami tastes to compliment its earthy notes.

Fans of Genmai Chai No. 71 will adore Hojicha No. 31, as the signature nutty, roasted characteristics of the former are still quite present — though without the signature taste of toasted rice.  

While you can undoubtedly add sweeteners, cream, or non-dairy alternatives, tradition holds that Hojicha No. 31 should be consumed plain — so at the very least, give it a lil’ sip before modifying, you may be surprised. 

Learn how to brew green tea here.

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Tasting Notes

Notes of seaweed, toasted hazelnuts, and petrichor form a stiff, savory masterpiece that's tailormade to accompany meals.




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