Strawberry Sencha

Strawberry Sencha

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Gift Tin 1.1 oz - Tea #24


While we truly believe all tea is special here, there are some teas that we can’t help but hold as our (secret) favorites. Strawberry Sencha No. 24 is on that honored list thanks to its light, easy-drinking flavor profile and the delicious aroma of strawberries that gently wafts through the air upon brewing.

The classic flavor of sencha is simply unmatched; it’s an initially grassy, herbal flavor that grows over time to offer an evolving cup of tea. The initial notes of herbaceous grassiness evolve into a fruity, kiwi-like flavor that pairs perfectly with the hefty dose of PNW strawberries that add a tart, natural sweetness to this brew.

Strawberry Sencha No. 24 is genuinely magical; a single sip transports one to a field of strawberries and wildflowers, holding a lover’s hands as your worries melt away. Oh! And it’s delicious, too.

Learn how to brew green tea here.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Strawberry Leaf, Strawberry, Natural Flavors

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Tasting Notes

There's something special that happens when green tea and strawberries intertwine; whether it's magic or just super tasty, we don't know — have a sip, you'll see.


Fresh grass


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