Oolong Tea

Brewing Tips
Oolong teas often take a slight bit of additional care when brewing to ensure their gentler flavors aren’t left by the wayside due to too hot (or long) of a steep.
  1. Bring sixteen ounces of water to 190 °F, or just below boiling.

  2. Measure one tablespoon of loose tea into a tea bag, teapot, or infuser, and set it aside.

  3. Once your water has heated, immerse your tea leaves in water and steep them for roughly 2-3 minutes, adjusting to taste.

    1. For the most bang for your buck, we suggest hanging on to your tea leaves and getting 2-3 steepings out of each serving (this infuser comes with the perfect dish for preserving your leaves). Simply steep your first brew for 2 minutes, increasing the steep time by 30 seconds for each steeping after.