Herbals: Rooibos and Apothecary Blends

Brewing Tips
We have an herbal blend for every ailment, need, and desire — come take a peek!
Herbal and apothecary blends are designed to help with specific issues; whether your head is killing you, sleep won't come, or you just want a tasty cup of tea, you have to brew it first.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, brewing our herbal and apothecary teas is quite simple! You'll need boiling water and a touch of care to ensure some of our teas' more delicate ingredients don't burn (but we'll get there in time).

Begin, as with all teas, with water. Bring eight ounces of water per desired serving to a boil, or 212 °F. While your water heats, measure two teaspoons of loose tea (per serving) into a teapot, tea bag, or infuser. Once the water is ready, pour it over your tea and allow the leaves to steep for roughly four minutes, adjusting to taste.

Discard your used leaves, add any sweeteners, cream, or non-dairy alternatives you'd like, and enjoy!

Steep lengths are often more of a "guide" for people to find what they prefer. With that said, take care when steeping herbal and apothecary teas for longer than five minutes; to avoid burning during a longer steep, we recommend using slightly cooler (~190-200 °F) water.