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About working at Portal Tea

Tea as You Are

Portal Tea is dedicated to creating unique experiences built on our love for tea and people. 

We take an innovative approach to tea-making that offers people the freedom to experience tea their way. We believe that each cup provides an opportunity for discovery; a chance to connect with others, learn something new about yourself, or find peace in simply enjoying the moment.

Did we catch your attention? If so, you may be a fit for the Portal team — so reach out!


  • Education on tea's preparation, history, and more from a Portland staple.
  • An inclusive, safe space for all where you can truly tea as you are.
  • Tea, boba, kombucha, and more!

Our Story

From our beginnings as a class project to the unexpected inclusion in FX’s “Portlandia”, one thing has remained constant: sharing the joy of tea with our community.