Announcement of Mississippi Shop Closure

Announcement of Mississippi Shop Closure

Dear Customers,

    We have tried our best to create a tea shop on Mississippi Ave for you that was relaxing and could consistently serve great tea to everyone. We have loved being a part of that neighborhood and meeting such wonderful people who live and work there.
    Unfortunately, we had to close that shop permanently, as the many electrical and plumbing issues for that space were creating an unsafe and dangerous situation. Since taking over that location 22 months ago, we have repeatedly voiced our concerns to the building owner and have consulted with many plumbing and electrical professionals, repairing what was within our power. 
    Sadly, the problems run far deeper into the building’s infrastructure than what is in our control. When consulting an electrician again over the last few weeks due to the power to the entire back half of our shop not working, we were alarmed to hear that we were now dealing with a very unsafe situation with the electrical panel malfunctioning and burning out breakers. 
    We apologize for the inconsistency of our shop hours at the Mississippi location- the constant electrical and plumbing issues with the space has been a major stress for our team and they tried their best to keep things working and consistent. We all put our hearts into that shop and wish things could have gone differently, but we must now do what’s best for the safety of our staff and customers. 
    We hope you have enjoyed the memories you’ve made with us there and we hope you will continue to enjoy tea at our other Portland or Eugene locations.
Our Portland Locations are:
734 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR 97210 (Nob Hill)
7983 SE 13th Ave Portland, OR 97202 (Sellwood Red Caboose)
Our Eugene location is at 41 W Broadway Eugene, OR 97401
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