How to Brew Black Tea

Brewing Tips
We all know and love black tea for its earthy simplicity (simplicitea?) — and its ease of brewing is part of that charm.
Black tea requires very little to brew properly; simply combine hot water and tasty tea for three minutes (give or take), add whatever you like, and bam! You're ready to sip.

How to Brew Black Tea

As we mentioned above, black tea is incredibly forgiving. It requires little more than a "fire and forget" method of steeping, allowing you to get it going during busy mornings without too much extra care.

Begin, as with every tea, with water. Bring sixteen ounces of water to a boil (212 °F) per desired serving; while you wait, measure two tablespoons of loose tea into a teapot, tea bag, or infuser, and set it aside (or in your mug for safekeeping). Once your water has boiled, steep the tea leaves for between three and four minutes. Once it's to your liking, discard your used leaves. Add any sweeteners, cream, or non-dairy alternatives you'd like, and enjoy!

Note that some of our black teas that use more delicate ingredients (such as Blue Flower Earl Grey No. 15) should steep at a slightly lower temperature (roughly 190-200 °F) for a touch longer — somewhere around five minutes.

Let's Make a Black Tea Latte!

Making a black tea latte is almost identical to the process of making black tea, with one exception — you need frothed milk! Now, how you choose to froth milk for a latte is up to you; the rest is pretty dang simple.

Once you've made your black tea of choice, very little is required to progress. Simply add your frothed milk (or preferred non-dairy substitute) to the tea, add any sweeteners you'd like, and enjoy! 

Pro Tip: For a truly PNW take on the classic London Fog, try pairing Lavender Earl Grey (#8) with vanilla syrup and a touch of frothed oat (or dairy) milk.