Chai Blends

Brewing Tips
Learn to make the perfect Chai from the comfort of your own kitchen.

While some choose to brew their chai as they would any other black tea blend (you can find those instructions here), we have step-by-step instructions for you to make your chai in the traditional way, latte style. 

Many people prefer to turn their chai into a creamy latte using milk, though non-dairy alternatives can highlight certain flavors while still providing the creamy consistency that so many of us love. Oat milk's grassy, earthy flavor profile pairs perfectly with chai teas like Honey Tulsi Chai No. 119 or Kashmiri Chai No. 37; likewise, the creamy, mild flavor of cashew or almond milk is an excellent (subtle) addition to our more unique chai blends, such as Banana Bread Chai No. 88 or Chocolate Chipotle Chai No. 117.

Prepare a Chai Latte

To make the perfect chai latte you'll need a high-walled saucepan or pot, a strainer, and either some high-quality milk or your preferred non-dairy alternative.

Combine equal parts (roughly eight ounces each) water and milk in your pan on medium heat until it's reached a simmer. Once small bubbles begin to form, measure two heaping tablespoons of loose tea into the pan, stirring constantly to prevent the leaves from burning and sticking to your pan. Now is the time to add any sweeteners to the pot and give it another good stir. Turn the heat down slightly and allow the mixture to simmer for roughly six minutes, continuing to stir intermittently. 

It's good practice to vary your tea's steep time to your personal tastes; a longer steep will form a more robust flavor and higher caffeine content, while a shorter steep will do the inverse.

The Choice is Yours

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