Enter the Portal

Enter the Portal

We've been Tea Chai Té for twenty years. In that time, we've established a name as a second home for locals, creatives, friends, and family in Portland and Eugene, Oregon.

The shared link between each is a love for tea — the community it forms over something as simple as dried leaves, the eye-opening (or relaxing) effects it can impart, and, perhaps most importantly, the safety and warmth it encourages in teahouses worldwide.

This two-decade journey has been awe-inspiring and, at times, challenging! We’ve gone from a single tiny teahouse in Portland to three shops (and a tea caboose!), made new friends in Eugene, won awards, and crafted over 120 unique teas in the process. 

But, with those challenges and accomplishments, it felt like we’d outgrown the initial concept of Tea Chai Té.

Don’t worry — that doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere — but it was time for a bit of a glow-up. That’s where our new name (and the title of this little post) comes into play; Portal Tea is, ultimately, still us. Our menu is only growing with time, allowing us to highlight the beauty of tea in new, exciting ways — though don’t worry, your favorites will all still be here.

So, step through the Portal! There’s a whole lot to see, taste, and learn.

      New Nitro Teas

      Smooth & Refreshing

      Our new line of iced teas feature customer favorites, such as Strawberry Sencha, infused with nitrogen for a smooth iced tea experience.