Blue People Oolong

Blue People Oolong

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Gift Tin 2.14 oz - Tea #116


Blue People Oolong No. 116 is an incredibly unique tea with an equally distinctive appearance and flavor. This Taiwanese high-mountain jade oolong tea gains the moniker “blue people” due to its unique preparation process. 

By tightly pressing oolong tea into pellets, which are then rolled in a blend of ginseng and stevia powders, the tea takes on a blue pebble-like look. The addition of ginseng provides an almost mint-like “tingle” while drinking (along with a touch of energy), while stevia lends energy. 

Like most oolongs, this tea can be brewed multiple times.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Ginseng, Stevia Leaf

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Tasting Notes

The sweetness of stevia and mint-like flavor of ginseng lingers aromatically in this subdued but energizing oolong.

Burnt sugar



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