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1 lb - Tea #6

Ceylon No. 6 is a classic black tea grown exclusively in Sri Lanka. It’s a full-bodied, incredibly rich black tea with notes of smoked ash and roasted clove, with faint finishing notes of citrus and a slightly thick mouthfeel. This particular blend comes from the Maliboda Tea Estate in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon No. 6 is excellent on its own, though it makes for a delicious, creamy beverage when paired with cream (or a non-dairy alternative) and a touch of sugar or honey. It forms the base of many of our most popular black teas, ensuring its flavor will be welcoming and relatively familiar.

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Portal tea Ceylon black number 6.

Tasting Notes

This Sri Lankan tea is renowned for its citrusy, smoky notes and its buttery mouthfeel — thanks for this particular blend can go to Maliboda Tea Estate.




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