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Organic | Caffeinated | 1.6 oz Tin

Assam black tea is one of the most common black teas in the world, most commonly known as the base for Irish Breakfast teas.

Assam No. 5 is our take on the world-renowned classic, offering an earthy, malty, slightly savory flavor profile that’s perfect when paired with a touch of cane sugar or cream. It’s a simple beverage, though its taste is instantly recognizable as an old friend.

Reach for Assam No. 5 when you don’t feel like making decisions and want a reliable, delicious cuppa tea.

Ingredients: Assam Black Tea from The Chota Tingrai Tea Estate

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Tasting Notes

If you've ever had a breakfast tea, you'll instantly know Assam as the tea to grace every English and Irish Breakfast blend (and then some).




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