Gaba Oolong

Gaba Oolong

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Caffeinated | 1.9 oz Tin

Gaba Oolong No. 52 is an incredibly unique oolong that’s earned an extremely loyal following over the years. The flavor is unlike most oolong teas due to its unique fermentation process (which just so happens to give it the “Gaba” name).  

This fermentation process creates a simultaneously sweet and savory oolong tea with a slightly buttery mouthfeel and an incredibly diverse array of potential flavors based on your steep length. From a savory, earthy umami richness to the slight sweetness of yams, Gaba Oolong No. 52 offers so much to those who choose to embark on its flavor journey.

Perhaps most notable, though, are this tea’s effects; the fermentation process creates an amino acid known as GABA. This amino acid offers users a decrease in “neuronal excitability,” which is just science-speak to say that it’s incredibly relaxing and helps ease muscle and joint pain!

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Tasting Notes

The signature buttery texture of oolong adds character to the nutty, vegetal sweetness of this delightful blend.




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