Parvati's Golden Chai

Parvati's Golden Chai

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Organic | Non-Caffeinated | 5.2 oz Tin

Parvati’s Golden Chai No. 11 is a bit of a breakaway from traditional chai. While golden chai isn’t new, per se, our in-house blend is something a bit different.

Traditional chai uses a blend of spices and black tea to create a warming, creamy, and truly delicious blend with a hefty dose of caffeine. In contrast, Parvati’s Golden Chai (#11) is decaffeinated and, importantly, not technically tea!

This combination of organic lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, orange and lemon peel, coconut oil, and fresh coconut flakes eschews black tea in favor of hefty doses of some much-needed vitamins and minerals to encourage health.

It’s warming and delicious, tasting of spiced orange and lemon, and provides a creamy mouthfeel when brewed with milk (or dairy alternatives such as oat milk). Ultimately, Parvati’s Golden Chai (#11) is a unique (and healthy) take on classic golden chai.

Ingredients: Ginger Root, Turmeric, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Coconut, Peppercorn, Natural Coconut Flavor

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Tasting Notes

Parvati's Golden Chai takes the spice of chai in an earthier direction with a turmeric and lemongrass herbal base — because you don't need tea to make a top-notch chai.

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