Uji Matcha

Uji Matcha

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Caffeinated | 1.8 oz Tin

Uji Matcha No. 74 is Portal Tea’s iteration of one of the most well-known (and unique) Japanese teas in the world.  

This fine powder produces an incredible vegetal, herbaceous flavor with unmistakably “green” notes similar to fresh grass or bamboo; it’s fresh, bright, and almost savory when served plain, offering a more subdued herbaceousness if sweetened. 

Perhaps what makes Uji Matcha No. 74 such an incredibly diverse tea is its preparation; a slight change in your preparation can produce foamy, rich matcha lattes or thin, easy-drinking iced teas alike. For those who prefer dairy-free alternatives, the vegetal flavor of the matcha makes it a perfect mate for options like oat milk.

Ultimately, Uji Matcha No. 74 is a wonderfully versatile green tea with limitless options; it pairs perfectly with savory meals, acts as the ideal contemplative partner to creative afternoons, and offers an indulgently rich option for those who love mid-afternoon iced lattes.

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Tasting Notes

Matcha is a flavor of its own; herbal, grassy, with just a hint of natural sweetness, it's a delightfully bright new world of taste simply waiting to be unlocked.


Fresh grass


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