Blue Flower Earl Grey

Blue Flower Earl Grey

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2 oz - Tea #15

Blue Flower Earl Grey No. 15 is a slightly more refined take on a world-renowned classic. The traditional flavors of Earl Grey are still present; rich Ceylon and Nilgiri black teas make up the body of the flavor profile, offering notes of malted chocolate with a deliciously robust, earthy complexity.

The main notes of black tea are ever-present, though the gentle citrus of our special bergamot oil balances out the stronger flavors. Bits of blue mallow blossoms add a buttery mouthfeel and pleasant (though faint) floral aftertaste that begs for another go.

Blue Flower Earl Grey No. 15 is an excellent option for iced tea, though it’s never a bad time for a toasty mug with some cream (or almond milk) and sugar.

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Portal tea blue flower earl grey number 15.

Tasting Notes

Blue mallow blossoms add a slightly floral, nutty addition to the classic malted flavor of Blue Flower Earl Grey.


Milk chocolate


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