Gingerbread Chai

Gingerbread Chai

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2 oz - Mostly Organic - Tea #121

Gingerbread Chai No. 121 blends the intoxicating holiday cheer of fresh gingerbread with the warmth of Assam black tea. In tandem, they create a spiced mug of comfort with spicy notes of ginger and cinnamon intermingling with the earthy malted sweetness of the black tea base. 

Whether you prefer your chai straight or served up as a latte, Gingerbread Chai No. 121 is perfect; when paired with cream, its spicy notes evolve into a rich dessert-like experience, and non-dairy alternatives like oat milk help exemplify the tea’s earthier undertones.

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    Portal tea gingerbread chai number 121.

    Tasting Notes

    Gingerbread Chai's (obviously) ginger-forward flavor is lengthened by notes of clove, cinnamon, and molasses.

    Burnt sugar



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